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Welcome to Rampage RP. We look forward to having you on the server. Here you'll experience regular events like: MMA fights, movie nights, and the underground fighting. Our racing and drift scenes are also nothing to be scoffed at. The MMA job will be restricted to a whitelist, where you will climb to the top to defeat our very own, Rampage Jackson. Please read our rules section to be updated on the server.

You must be in the discord in order to be whitelisted.


Feature 1


Paramedics, Doctors, and Surgeons are being soght after in our city. Apply today!

Feature 2

Rockford PD

Always in the thick of it and the first on scene, see Chief Tony today!

Feature 3

MMA Jobs

Trainers, Referee's, Announcers, become a fighter in the fastest growing city!

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